Some six years back, a small group of us, precisely sixteen in number, met together, in a spirit of mutual trust and faith and expectation, to share our common concern about the increasing malpractices in public dealings, deteriorating ethics in governance, rampant corruption at almost all levels, loss of regard for human dignity and values, and a marked tendency to strive for individual comfort and happiness even at the expense of others. None of us could, in all truth, lay claim to any significant individual accomplishment but put together we had long years of experience in the fields of administration, policing, insurance, advertising and media at fairly senior levels and, more importantly, a high degree of sincerity of purpose, an intensive commitment, and moral courage to make a positive impact on :

  • Promoting awareness to uphold honesty and transparency in public dealings;
  • Combating corruption and mal-practices in public life and in our social fabric;
  • Protecting human rights, dignity and values;
  • Assisting the socially neglected to get into the mainstream ;

2. It is in this backdrop that we have come together to form the Society for Public Interventions as a non-political, non-profit, non-governmental organization of all-India character, devoted to :

  • Promoting honesty, integrity, transparency and accountability in public dealings.
  • Providing advice and guidance to those who are victims of indifferent governance, lack of transparency, undue discrimination and harassment caused by the    service providers.
  • Combating corruption in all its forms including improper exercise of official power.
  • Assisting the authorities – public, autonomous or private, in promoting probity and transparency in the delivery of public services.
  • Spreading human rights literacy amongst various sections of the society and upholding the cause of human rights.
  • Providing assistance and support to the weak, the destitute , and the deprived.
  • Assisting the youth of the country in imbibing proper value system and get meaningful career orientation to become more useful, productive and responsible members of our society.
  • Promoting awareness for sustaining an ambivalent environment threatened by pollution and ecological imbalances.
  • Promoting communal harmony and counteracting the forces aimed at bringing about disruption and disorder in public life by inciting hatred between the communities.
  • Evaluating, assessing and highlighting the situations and developments affecting, or likely to affect, the prosperity, integrity, security and sovereignty of the nation.

3. Ours is a movement against lack of transparency and whatever facilitates corruption in public life or undermines human dignity or incites hatred between the communities or pollutes the environment and disrupts the fragile ecological balance or acts against the prosperity and safety of our nation. We want to network with like-minded people like you, so that we create a better tomorrow for us and our progeny. It is now to request you to let us know something about you, so that, to begin with, we can together make a determined effort to reduce at least some of the existing inequities by:

  • Facilitating easy access to information for the common people as regards procedures prescribed for availing public services, familiarizing them about their rights and responsibilities and the institutional mechanism in place for redress of public grievances ;
  • Exposing the imbalances in the public services delivery systems, including various forms of corruption and other malpractices.
  • Assisting the public authorities in identifying the black sheep within their ranks and dis-engaging them.

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